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… And here is a translation for my international follower, enjoy ❤

What does it mean,  in your opinion, to be a fashion blogger?

Being a blogger means for me a chance to leave a trace of me, to express myself and my passions: fashion and photography mainly.

What is the hardest part of your business?

Definitely the most challenging part is the perseverance: to be able to publish posts with a steady cadence and be able to collimate study (because I’m still a student) and passion (in this case my blog).

What is the greatest satisfaction?

The greatest satisfaction is to get feedback from readers and visitors of the blog and see approved and shared my style and my work.

You might think, in the future, to be a fashion blogger as a profession?

My dreams for the future in the world of work are related to other purposes in the fashion system but it certainly would be a great goal to earn and live on what I have created.

Is there something in witch you pay more attention in your posts? 

I’m a lover of fashion so I pay attention mainly on the aesthetics, graphics aspects, and then a lot of attention to photography itself.

What catches your attention in everyday life? (from the point of view of fashion-lifestyle)?

I love watching people, especially their style that doen’t mean only clothes but the mixture of their personality expressed by garments. And even the charisma that people have and that inspires me.

What would you suggest to those who want to become a fashion blogger, but do not know where to start?

First of all, focus on yourself: understand how we are and who we are is essential to be able to communicate better with others. Get inspired and try to reinterpret but never merely imitate.



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